Recording Custom Exchange UM Auto Attendant Prompts

A common confusion I am seeing from talking with customers and other engineers in the field is getting custom Greetings and Menu Prompts created for the Exchange 2007 Auto Attendants. The program of choice for me when creating these files is Goldwave, you can download the program with a free trial here. This trial version will get you all that you need for a certain time period to record all of your exchange recordings, however I would suggest supporting them and buying the product!

Below are screenshots and a basic walkthrough of creating a recording you can import into exchange 2007 for an auto attendant prompt.

Create a new file in Goldwave by clicking New or going to File->New. Choose the settings for a Mono recording and 8000Hz as the sampling rate and click OK.

To verify the input audio device is correctly set to your headset microphone click the button Highlighted in the above picture.

Choose the “record” device from the drop down menu and hit OK.

Hit the red record button in the middle and start recording the greeting. Hit stop when finished.

Select the unused space, make sure it is highlighted in blue, and hit the Delete key to remove all unused space so you are left with just recorded audio in the file.

Choose File->Save As. Save the file with the Attributes field as shown above: PCM signed 16 bit, mono. Make sure the file type is Wave (*.wav)

You now have a file that Exchange will work with as a Greeting or Main Menu Prompt

I will do a follow up post with importing these wav files for use and some tips and tricks from the WinXnet team on working with the auto attendants and their greetings.


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