OCS End User Resources

One of the most common questions when doing OCS/Exchange UM Deployments is “What about end user training?”. A lot of companies have different ways about training their end users for new technologies, at WinXnet we do not have any formal training put together but I will share the resources I have used in the past to develop training for other end users.
The key resource here that most people ignore is the Office Communicator Tour that runs the first time users open Communicator 2007 R2!
Above is the direct link, this is very helpful to add as a link on the Intranet and direct users there for a basic overview of using Communicator.
Micrsoft has a kit for user awareness and training which can be found here : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=9A599B27-EAA4-47F6-9672-D221242F1404&displaylang=en
This has almost everything you would need. Posters, flashcards and instructional PDFs. It is a big download but definitely worth it.
Another great resource is the Communicator Team Blog. Every day they post tips about communicator usage. This is a great resource to pull from, or point you users to for tips on fully utilizing the Communicator software.
Another resource is this powerpoint file, it has flash cards to handoff to end users for all different usages of the Microsoft UC platform: http://bit.ly/2r6gH8?r=td
Those should get you started in any type of end user training scenarios.

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