When you change User(’s) SIP URI- Presence Unknown

Sometimes it is neccisary to change a user’s SIP URI, or change the SIP Domain for the entire organization in some cases. When doing this there will most likely be technical issues immediately with attempting communications.

A few key things to keep in mind when performing this change is that the address book is going to be locally downloaded to all users with the “Old” SIP URIs of all users. Because of this end users will experience trouble communicating immediately after the changes are made and until a new address book is downloaded or regenerated on the server.

To ensure a quick download of a new address book on the end user machine you can simply exit out of communicator and sign back in, if that does not work you will want to delete the communicator cache and then close and re open communicator. The communicator Cache on Vista/Windows 7 is located at C:\Users\ActiveUser\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Communicator. Delete the entire Communicator Folder and close and reopen communicator, you should then notice the user has updated SIP URIs of all users and can communicate.

If this doesn’t do the trick you may also have to rebuild the address book by syncing what is currently in Active Directory with the SQL Database, and rebuilding the address book files downloaded by the clients with that information.

On the OCS Server, open a command prompt and navigate to %programfiles%\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007\Server\Core

From the command prompt run:

abserver.exe –RegenUR (Pulls data from AD and imports to SQL)

abserver.exe –SyncNow (Pulls data from SQL to create ABS files for client download)

Now after signing out and back in to communicator you should have the most up to date version of the address book with all of the correct SIP URIs for all users.


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