Quick Tip: Exchange UM Powershell to list users in a specific dial plan

This is a basic one liner I needed to use today, but I didn’t find it documented that well anywhere.

Situation: Multiple exchange UM dial plans in a company, need to identify users associated with a certain dial plan for whatever reason. In this case it was to migrate them off that dial plan.

Going through the UI to do this would be way too time consuming, of course powershell comes to the rescue.

Using the Get-UMMailbox cmdlet with a basic filter we can identify a group of users with many different attributes in common, in this case we are concerned with UMDialPlan.

Command looks like this:

Get-UMMailbox | where {$_UMDialPlan –eq ‘DialPlanName’}

This will return a list of users in the dial plan you specify. You could of course add more filters in to narrow down the scope.


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Unified Communications Architect

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